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Questions/Comments/Screenshot Re-Uploads

If you have any questions or comments about the screenshots I upload here, feel free to comment here and I will answer as soon as I can :)

Also if any episode screenshots need re-uploading at any point (Or you need them uploaded onto an alternate download service for any reason) just comment here and I will re-upload for you as soon as I am able to :)

- Can I use these screenshots?
Yes. These screenshots are free for you to use however you wish. For graphics like banners or icons, or to use on your own website.

- Do I need to credit you?
My policy is pretty much that credit is appreciated, but not necessary. I won't hunt you down if you don't credit, but a link back here is appreciated as it will allow others to find this place and also use the screenshots.

- What source do you take the screenshots from and what's the process you use to make them?
My screenshots are taken from the official dub DVDs. I screencap them via Power DVD, then the pictures are resized and saved as a HQ .jpg in Photoshop.

- Can you screencap this episode for me?
Sadly, I am not currently taking requests for episodes to screencap as I'm attempting to do the series in order.

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