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route_1's Journal

Route 1 - Pokémon Screenshot Project
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Pokémon Screenshots
Welcome to Route 1!

Years and years ago, when I was still fairly new to Pokémon, I noticed how, back then, a number of websites wouldn't let you take and use their archives of Pokémon screenshots. Because of this, I decided to start up a project, to screencap Pokémon episodes and share them with the fans of the show, allowing people to take and use them as they pleased!
Of course this was back before I had any of the series on DVD, so I got a TV card for my computer, for the soul purpose of getting images from the TV as episodes aired. Of course these pictures weren't great quality and were rather grainy, but I still continued on with the project. I even made some websites on free hosts to display all these pictures...but they constantly went down due to bandwidth issues.
Fast forward years later and I have a growing DVD collection of the show, so I've worked on better quality screenshots on and off for the last 4 or so years.

This community has been made in order to share these screenshots once more to fellow fans of the series. I'll be working from the very first episode upwards.

As stated before, you can use these pictures for whatever you wish. There are no annoying watermarks and you don't have to credit me for using them, although a link back to the community would be appreciated to allow others to know of this place :)

Since I have to use free file hosting sites, I cannot guarantee that the download links will stay active, but all the more reason to let people know about this place, to keep those links alive!

The tags and memories sections will be used to archive posts by Pokémon season.

I hope you enjoy the screenshots!